Price List

  • ItemsOld PriceNew Price
    3 Bedroom House£180.00£90.00
    2 Bedroom House£160.00 £80.00
    Bedrooms (12x12 feet)£30.00 £15.00
    Hall, Stairs, Landing (Up to 15 steps)£50.00 £25.00
    Through Lounge (28x12 feet)£80.00 £40.00
    Dining room (12x12 feet) £38.00 £19.00
    Lounge (15x12 feet) £45.00 £22.50
    3 Seater Sofa £60.00£30.00
  • ItemsOld PriceNew Price
    Corner 3-4 seater sofa £70£35
    1 Dinning chair£15.00 £7.00
    Single Armchair£28.00£14.00
    2 Seater Sofa£50.00 £25.00
    3 Seater Sofa£60.00 £30.00
  • ItemsOld PriceNew Price
    Matt £20.00£10.00
    Large Size Rug£50.00 £25.00
    Medium Size Rug £40.00£20.00
    Small Size Rug£30.00 £15.00

A minimum call out charge of £30 will be apply to all the prices above.
24 hours notice required for cancellation other wise there will be a £30 cancellation fees. 

Stain removal is not 100% guaranteed, we can only remove those stains that are removable and  have not damaged the carpet’s original colouring or it’s fabrication. please note that  we still do require a full payment on the agreed original price in the event of not being able to remove or improve any stains. we do our best to completely remove or improve  any stains that is possible to remove. 

In the case of any dissatisfaction we will offer our customers free re cleaning if they notify us  within 7days of their original appoinment time.  

Please note once you book an appointment with us you automatically have agreed to all the above terms and condition. 

If you require more information please contact us!

All the prices above is including:

  • A Deep through out extraction cleaning with the steam pro equipment
  • Latest drying technology

Cleaning treatments that we can offer are including:

  • Stain removal treatment
  • Anti-bacterial treatment
  • Deodorizing treatment
  • Carpet and Fabric Conditioner
  • Carpet Protector