Carpet Cleaning London

We use the most up to date and advanced machine at carpet cleaning London that will steam extract grit, grime and stains and leave your carpets with a fresh fragrant smell. Our environmentally friendly cleaning solution is safe for children and animals. All of our cleaning technicians are Prochem /NCCA certified, background checked, and Insured. Steam extraction with detergent, either with portable equipment or truck mount systems are used for the best result. Most furniture sofas, chairs and tables be moved and put back. Furniture protectors are placed where needed. Scotchgard- fabric protector: repels water and spills, making clean up quick and easy. The long lasting protection actually helps the fabric maintain its own natural texture. Our other services- Shampoo, Sanitizing, Stains-removal Deodorizer, Odor control and many more. deap-about-2

Upholstery Cleaning

All of us appreciate being able to relax and interact with family and friends in our home, but it’s possible that soiled upholstery is keeping your house or flat from being all it should be. However, furniture cleaning can be difficult to accomplish properly unless you rely upon the service of Deep Steam Clean Ltd, serving London and surrounding areas. Cleaning Upholstered Furniture is Important. Entertaining friends and spending time with the family can expose your furniture to a number of upholstery cleaning challenges. Spills from food or beverages used while snacking can sully the arms and cushions of couches and chairs. If you have dogs or cats, their body oils and shed hair cause dirty spots, and they may also drop flea eggs. Upholstered furniture is sat upon almost constantly, and over time will absorb body odors. Our skins produce oil constantly, and you will become aware of this especially on chair or sofa arms as shiny areas. Deep Steam Clean Ltd can provide couch cleaning that will leave your favorite spot to relax looking and smelling clean and fresh. Regardless of what fabric was used for your upholstery, our service can clean it completely and safely using only green cleaning agents. deap-about-3 about-16   about-17  

Leather Cleaning

Your leather furniture probably occupies a special place in your home décor, but leather is easily soiled and is also subject to cracking and drying. Home remedies or grocery store leather cleaners are not adequate to providing the leather cleaning and preservation necessary to keep your furniture looking good for a long time. When your leather furniture has begun to show signs of wear and tear, call in Deep Steam Clean Ltd to help. We offer a free consultation to explain exactly how we will take care of your leather furnishings: We will pre-treat stubborn stains, then use our gentle green cleaning methods to remove every bit of dirt, grime, and grease from the leather. Leather is prone to cracking if the home is dry, and after cleaning our leather technicians will apply a moisturizer to repair damage and nurture the leather. Keeping leather in good condition is easier once our protective coating has been applied. A regular maintenance schedule for leather furniture is the best way to not only keep it looking good, but will also extend its useful life. Deep Steam Clean Ltd is where the best and safest cleaning products, modern equipment, and a team of dedicated people come together to provide you with home cleaning solutions at a reasonable price. about-4

End of tenancy Carpet & Upholstery cleaning

It can be stressful enough moving out without worrying if you have cleaned everything well enough. Here at Deep Steam Clean we can help with your carpet and upholstery cleaning to standards that are expected by landlords and letting agencies to ensure your moving out day runs like clock work! For more information and to get instant quote for your job please call us on 02071124941 or fill the enquiries form below the page and we will contact you shortly. about-5

Mattress Cleaning

Get Dust Mites Out of Your Mattresses You may find it hard to believe, but your family’s mattresses are actually harboring an enormous population of dust mites. These tiny creatures are so small that millions of them can live comfortably in your mattresses. It’s just not enough to clean the surface, to remove dust mites you need the professional mattress cleaning that Deep Steam Clean can give you. Dust mites in themselves are basically harmless; they do not bite people or pets and live off dead skin cells and other debris found in mattresses. The trouble with dust mites is the droppings they produce; these are highly allergenic and can cause a number of health problems:

  • Fatigue
  • Eye irritation
  • Asthma in children
  • Sneezing and coughing
  • Skin rashes such as eczema
  • Sinusitis
To rid your mattress of dust mites and their feces, Deep Steam Clean Ltd can use their skilled technicians and top-of-the-line cleaning equipment to:
  • Power vacuum the surface of the mattresses
  • Remove stains from the mattress cover
  • Agitate the interior of the mattress
  • Deep clean inside the bedding
  • Sanitize to remove mites and their feces
A complete mattress cleaning and sanitizing will help you and every member of the family get a good night’s sleep once again. about-7             about-6

Rug Cleaning

Area rugs often add a great deal to the decoration of any room in the home. These are often special rugs that have a character and personality of their own, and when they become soiled or damaged, you will want a London rug cleaning service provider that understands area rug cleaning. Whether your area rug is one that has been passed down through several generations, was handcrafted by a local artisan, or is a new Oriental rug, you will want to entrust it to a responsible company for its care. Why You Should Choose our Area Rug Cleaning, Deep Steam Clean Ltd provides the highest quality of rug cleaning and care for a number of reasons: We use only organic, green cleaning agents that will not harm the fibers of an area rug and are also safe for use around the family. State of the art equipment guarantees complete, but gentle, cleaning. Our rug care artisans understand the needs of every type of rug and are trained in safe cleaning methods. Rugs used on the floor will, of course, be subject to the same problems that carpets have, but even a rug that is hung on the wall will need cleaning periodically. Airborne pollution, including from household cooking, as well as dust, can all affect the appearance and overall condition of your rug. about-11

Persian Rug Cleaning

Persian rugs are justifiably revered as being among the world’s most beautiful. Regardless of whether your rug is an antique or was just created recently, it still represents the highest form of the rug-making art. The colors and patterns that are woven into a fine Persian rug make it unique and special, and it will enhance the appearance of any room. Because these rugs are made of natural fibers such as silk or wool, Persian rug cleaning can be considered a specialized art. Care must always be taken to not only clean the rug completely, but to do so without causing harm to the rug in any way. Deep Steam Clean Ltd In London is a superior Persian carpet cleaning service that will clean your rug wherever they are. about-12

Persian Rug Care

If you own an antique Persian rug, you will be particularly concerned about how it will be cleaned. The fibers of older rugs can be more delicate than those of newer ones, and will require the extra step of care that Deep Steam Clean technicians can provide. Harsh chemical cleaners, deodorizers, or fragrances will never be used on your silk Persian rug; we use only safe, green cleaning agents to clean completely, but gently. Our cleaning process involves wetting down the rug, applying an organic cleaner, and then using specialized equipment to work the cleaning solution right down to the rug’s backing. Our machinery is designed to clean gently and carefully without causing any harm to the pile. Deep cleaning process will assure that no grime will be left to grind away at the delicate silk fibers. Your Persian rug will be almost dry by the time we finish our treatment on it, complete drying time can take up to 2 hours. Once your rug is completely dry it will look clean, bright, and beautiful.

Curtain Cleaning

The growing variety of unusual fabrics makes it important that your curtains are cleaned by someone who knows fabrics and understands how curtains are constructed. Curtains add beauty to your home, but just like your carpet and furniture, the upholstery in your drapes and curtains attracts dirt, soil and even odor. We clean the draperies on-site; there is no need to remove the drapes or curtains. Soil and stains are gently lifted out and your furnishings are dry within minutes. We freshen up your window treatments, draperies, oriental rugs, blinds and shades in no time at all. We can remove contaminants and odors leaving your curtains, draperies clean & fresh without the inconvenience of removing, then re-hanging.

On Site Curtain cleaning for your Home or Office

At Deep Steam Clean Ltd, we provide a thorough drape cleaning process on-site at your home or office. Our expert technicians use a powerful steam extraction cleaning process that extracts dirt and odors from smoke and cooking, leaving your curtains deodorized and fresh. We staff highly trained technicians to safely clean your upholstery and drapery in the comfort of your own home. Our Blind, Curtain, cleaning methods protects against fabric watermarks and shrinkage of drapes and window coverings. We give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with our service.


  • We dry clean draperies “on-site” without removing them from the window.
  • We guarantee no shrinkage, no damage, and no loss of sizing, resins or flame retarding.
  • We safely dry-clean any type of upholstery fabric right in your home,
  • We also offer spray application of fabric protectors, deodorants, etc. for your carpet, furniture and draperies.
For more information and to get instant quote for your job please call us on 02071124941 or fill the enquiries form below the page and we will contact you shortly. about-13  

Flooded Carpet Cleaning

Flooded Carpet Cleaning. help you need when you need it most. When your water heater breaks, pipes burst or heavy rains flood your basement  flooded carpet cleaning  services can help.

Call us now on 02071124941 or go to contact us page and fill the form and we will get back to you shortly. 

Our water extraction equipment produces one of the most powerful water suction in the industry. They get serviced and checked on regular basis by Mighty tech carpet and floor industrial machine repairs. It sucks all the old flooded water out from the very base of the carpet .  When our technicians extract the water form flooded carpet, high velocity air movers put in place for fast drying time.

The final touch is our two-step cleaning method designed for flooded carpet cleaning. The flooded carpet will be injected with the organic cleaning solutions including deodorsing and anti-bacterial treatment. this would properly wash off the old water from the carpet and make sure the carpet is absolutely clean.  this would help flooded carpet with no bad odour or damp smells when it gets completely dry.  

When you call us for flooded carpet cleaning, we treat it as an emergency. So the water’s out and your homes back in order as soon as possible.

Flooded carpet cleaning treatment

Flooded carpet cleaning recommended treatments:

1. Remove water as quickly as possible

We use a wet vacuum extraction system to clean up as much water as soon as possible. 

our machines are the most effective tools for removing water. they are specialise machine in repairing residential flood damage.

2. We recommend usingw fans to speed up carpet drying process

It can take several days for fans to completely dry a water-damaged area. The good news is that they also help circulate fresh air.

3. Use a dehumidifier to dry out the room

These machines remove excessive moisture, which makes the air feel cooler and limits mould and mildew growth. Any equipment that helps dry out the air and the ground will speed up the drying time for your damaged floors and coverings.

4. Steam clean carpet and flooring

Steam clean all carpets to properly sanitise and deodorise. 

5. Sanitise walls and baseboards

Anything touched by storm water should be sanitised. Clean all walls, hard-surface floors and other household surfaces with soap and water. Sanitise the  with a solution of  bleached water, Remember to wear rubber gloves during cleanup.

6. Check furniture

Look for water damage and remove furniture from wet flooring. Water damage can easily be hidden underneath carpet, so be sure to give your home a thorough inspection. Cleaning water-soaked carpets and floors is difficult under any conditions. in the aftermath of a storm or flood, contamination by mud, silt, sewage and mildew, can compound the problem.