Sofa cleaning London

Jennifer Breanne Birdsall
Jennifer Breanne BirdsallGoogle review
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Really happy with the service received. We had cream carpets that had been neglected for several years and they looked almost brand new by the end. The cleaner took great care and did a fantastic job. Would absolutely recommend!
Christie Ellinas
Christie EllinasFacebook
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The team were professional and gave great advice as to what could and couldn’t be cleaned. My daughters bedroom had makeup stains all over and they removed them. So very pleased with the team and great value!!
Jennifer Day
Jennifer DayGoogle review
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Brilliant service. Arrived on time, very courteous, professionally and beautifully cleaned carpets, in short time with no fuss. Will use again in a heart-beat.

Sofa cleaning London

Are you looking for Sofa cleaning London!  Or any upholstery cleaning services!  When was the Last time you clean your sofa ! If it’s over a year, then most likely the built-up germs and bacteria has contaminated it’s fabric. In other words, it’s time to get your Sofa cleaning London specialist booked in. 

You regularly disinfect your kitchen worktop, doorknobs and other surfaces. How about  upholstery cleaning ? Do you similarly get them clean more often!. Well, we think you should because of the hygiene.  Yes, a regular weekly vacuuming or wiping out will help to remove dust mites from your Sofa’s fabric. Therefore it may help to reduce the build-up of germs. However it won’t disinfect your Sofa or in another word hygienically clean it.

To clarify, it takes a deep Sofa cleaning London  method done by professionals that can ensure the removal of toughest stains, smell, and germs. A thorough anti-bacterial spray treatment will kill 99.9% of the bacteria living inside your furniture. Our highly trained upholstery cleaning London specialists are ready to help you with that. We want to serve you and make your upholstery cleaning experience a pleasant one. So why are you waiting! Give us a call now. 02071124941.


Benefit of Sofa cleaning or in other word upholstery cleaning London!

Your precious sofa sets and dining chairs or any other upholstered items are all significant assets that you own. So choosing the right sofa cleaning London company that can deep clean your sofa in the best way possible is as significant. The life of your upholstered furniture and it’s appearance, all depends on how well you maintain and protect itPilled-up germs, bacteria and dust mites can eventually damage the fabric. Therefore it can reduce the life expectancy of the material. It can also cause damage to your sofa’s  appearance and turn your upholstered furniture into a bacteria habitant. Therefore, as a result, it can become a health hazard to you and your family.

 Why choose Deep Sofa Cleaning in London?

What makes us an exception from the other Sofa cleaning  London companies is that we highly value our customers. This is to say, we will stop at nothing to make sure you are fully satisfied. We are simply the best upholstery cleaning services that serves London homes and businesses since 2003. The experience gained during this time is what that makes us stand out in the Sofa cleaning London business. Our company has won an excellent reputation and recognition in the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry. 

Since we have started operating,  we have been continuously working with nationally recognised trades association dedicated to carpet and soft furnishings. Furthermore, we keep upgrading our cleaning equipment and techniques to stay up to date with the cleaning trends in science and technologies. An indicator of our companies prestige is the fact that we highly rated by our great customers.90% of our customers recommend us to their friends and families.

We take care of your upholstery cleaning needs, This is to say, our Sofa cleaning specialists will stop at nothing until you are fully satisfied. The upholstery cleaning services we offer includes  Sofa cleaning, Mattress cleaning, bed frame headboard cleaning,  armchair cleaning.  Our primary focus is the quality of the deep cleaning services we are providing to our customers. Customer service is our number one priority. Therefore, we stop at nothing to meet your expectations from us, because we want you to be 100% satisfied.


The Sofa cleaning equipment we use 

We use the most up to date upholstery sofa cleaning equipment and technology to offer our customer the best possible service. Our cleaning equipment are checked and serviced by Mighty Tech Industrial cleaning equipment company. Carpet cleaning environmentally safe

ItemsOld PriceNew Price
Dinning chair£14.00 £7.00
Single armchair£30.00£15.00
2 Seater sofa£50.00 £25.00
3 Seater sofa£60.00 £30.00
4 Seater corner sofa £70.00£35.00
5 seater corner Sofa£80.00£40.00
Scotch-guard protection per seat £14£7

Please note a minimum call out charge of £30 will apply to all the prices in the price list. 

Anti-bacterial treatment

We offer special anti-bacterial treatment, followed by a deep sofa cleaning processes. This will insure 99.9% of the toughest stains and smell,  germs and bacteria are removed from your furniture.

Mattress Cleaning 

You may find it hard to believe but your family’s Mattress are harbouring an enormous population of dust mites.

These tiny creatures are so small that millions of them can live comfortably in your mattresses. Dust mites in themselves are harmless so they do not bite people or pets. They live off dead skin cells and other debris found in your mattresses. However, the trouble with dust mites is the droppings they produce. These are highly allergenic and can cause several health problems such as fatigue, eye irritation, asthma in children, Sneezing and coughing.

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pay on completion

You can pay by debit card or cash on completion of your job. 

antibacterial & deodorising treatment

All our deep cleaning methods are including free anti-bacterial and deodorising treatment 

24 hours free cancellation

We won’t charge you cancellation fees when you give us up to 24 hours notice. 

Scotchguard protection

We offer Scotchgard protection for a  little extra, talk to us to find out.  

Leather sofa logo
Leather sofa cleaning
from - £35
Bed frame logo
Headboard cleaning
from - £20
Mattress logo

Mattress cleaning

from - £25

no Hidden charges

We will only charge you the agreed price, there won’t be any disappointment 

Latest drying technology

Heavy-duty air mover and triple vac booster extraction machine used for faster drying time. 

Fully Insured

All our cleaning specialists are fully trained, insured and NCCA registered. 


Free re cleaning if you are not fully satisfied and notify us within 7days

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Sofa cleaning

from - £25
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Dinning chair cleaning

from - £25
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Armchair cleaning

from - £15
all London areas within M25 covered.